Bathtub Jets Not Working: Try These 3 Real-life Hacks

Jetted tubs are designed to flow heated air or water into the bathtub water. Thus it provides great relief to your tired muscles and relaxes your body after a long tiring day. The therapeutic soaking in a warm soaking tub may disturb by a few issues on the jets.

There are a few reasons behind the malfunctioned jets that we will share through this guide. You will find here the ways of ease troubleshooting tub jets as well.

Bathtub Jets Not Working: Reasons Behind The Malfunction

The jetted hot tubs additionally have a water absorber that draws water towards the pump, and it redirects the water to the jets.

A motor has been placed to regulate the water pressure that will pump out through the jets. This simple mechanism may disorder for the following reasons:

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The hot pump is failing to redirect water to the jets:

It is the most common reason for bathtub jets malfunction. So, diagnose the pump is not working properly. It occurs when the priming of the hot pump fails. Check the control panel and the airlock valve that frees air from the line and purification system. The faulty valve may not allow proper water circulation to the jets.

The water filters get clogged:

The filter or water absorber that draws water to the pump may stop by clogged. So, the pump won’t get the required water to redirect to the jets. It decreases the water pressure badly by a clogged filter on a jetted tub.

Clogged Jets: 

It’s another reason for decreasing the air pressure of the jets. The water can’t pass through the clogged jets into the tub. It can happen for lacking maintenance.

Ways to Troubleshoot Not Working Bathtub jets

Troubleshooting hot pump issues

If you find that your pump’s priming is failing, do the followings:

  • Open the control panel
  • Open the airlock valve placed near the hot pump
  • It will allow more water to flow towards the bathtub jets

Also, fix if any leaks around the pump. It’s a risky part and most of the time you can’t easily access the pump. So, it’s better to call a professional to fix the issue.

If still the pump fails to redirect water to the jets with no leaks or button issues, then check out the outer ring on the bathtub jets is active. If no, turn it on following the user manual guide.

Cleaning clogged water filters on a jetted tub:

So, you can feel the drop in water pressure that is possibly happened for the clogged filters. How do you clean it?

Detach the filter, wash it off, and replace it. For a deep clean, you can soak it for a night in cleaning liquefaction. Rinse it before the replacement.

How to clean clogged tub jets?

Before that, you should check the user manual to find out any recommendations for cleaning jets. Or, any recommended cleansers for the specific tub brand.

Now, start the following steps to get the gunk off from the jets:

  1. Keep two spoons of liquid detergent and a half cup of bleach or a cup of white vinegar in a pot
  2. Flush the jetted tub with hot water until the jets are heated to 2-3 inches, and run the jets for a while. (About 15 min.)
  3. Now empty the jetted tub and refill it with cold water. Again run the jets for another 10 min.
  4. Flush out the water and wash the tub to get clog-free jets

If you find the jets still clogged, use a brush and a soft fabric to ensure an ultimate clean. Also, use some liquid cleanser to remove the dirt around the jet covers.

Bathtub Jets Not Working
Bathtub Jets Not Working

Additional troubleshooting:

  • Another matter of leaks happens by the internal gasket seals when dry out. If that is the matter, use a silicone sealant to both sides of the removed gaskets to apply a waterproof seal. Now replace the gaskets into the jets for further leakage.
  • If your hot tub is not heating properly or running the jets, check out the power supply first. Most probably, that’s not the issue.
  • Also, check out the air switch and press it to hear a click. If you can hear it, the switch is okay. But, if there is a sound like “hisses” or mute, the air is leaking from here. Replace the switch according to the user manuals and test it works like before.
  • If you experience a mechanical reason for malfunction bathtub jets or any other plumbing issues, try calling experts to solve the matter. It will save your warranty period of the jetted tub for sure.

How to Replace Your Faulty Bathtub Jet?

Sometimes it happens that the jets are not clogged but not working as well. That’s the time you need to replace the damaged water jets. But, it’s certainly difficult to match the tub model while finding the perfect replacement jets. Let’s check out the process:

  • Shut off the jetted tub before starting the replacement procedure
  • Twist the water jet anti-clockwise by holding the outer edge of it. Pull out the spoiled jet to remove it from the tub-hole. A few massaging jets may require a wrench for that.
  • Measure the jets carefully to confirm the right size replacement along with the model of the tub brand. Otherwise, consult with an expert to sort out the perfect replacement jet.
  • Place the new jet in the jetted tub housing. Turn it clockwise to install it in the right place. Your jetted hot tub is ready now to turn on and provide you a relaxing water massage on your body.


Proper maintenance can reduce the chance of clogging water jets of your hot tub. Cleaning once a month can be a good way for that. But, be aware of using a chemical cleanser like bleach frequently.

Also, read the user manual guide to find any recommended cleanser for the specific model. Using chemicals may dry out the internal gaskets that cause leaks. Try household green ingredients to keep the regular maintenance.

If you are facing out any relevant issues we mentioned here, check out the troubleshooting guides to fix them up on your own.

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