The 7 Best Bathroom Heaters 2021

Using the bathroom in winters can be one of the most challenging things in daily life routine. While your rooms are warm and cozy, the washrooms are cold and humid. The thought alone of going to the bathroom is difficult to absorb. But it can be fixed if you buy a best bathroom heater.

Good bathroom heaters are not easy to find. You will find plenty of products on the market, but they will not be up to the mark. You have to keep certain things in mind while shopping for a bathroom heater.

Here are a few things that can help you decide which one is the right bathroom heater for you. Followed by these points, there are some bathroom wall fan heaters reviews to help you find the one that suits your needs the best.

  • A bathroom heater must be safe to use in the humid environment of a bathroom.
  • It should have settings that make you most comfortable in the bathroom.
  • This should be easy to install and safe to use.
  • It must be made of high and durable quality material.

Best Bathroom Heater Reviews 2021

#1 Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

This product is designed to help you control the setting of how warm you want your bathroom to be. It has three different settings: 1500-watt high setting, 900-watt low setting, and fan-only option. This allows you to set the temperature according to your comfort level. You can control the temperature of the bathroom the way you like it most.

It has a quiet operation. It is often very annoying when you have to listen to a continuous noise coming out of the bathroom. This heater will operate quietly without making any annoying sounds. This will give you the warmth and peace you want in the bathroom.

The product increases safety for you in the bathroom. It has automatic overheat protection. This makes the heater safe for you to keep in the bathroom. It protects the product from overheating and causing potential damage to the product itself as well as the things or people around it. This makes the heater safe to use.

You get to control the thermostat according to your comfort level. The product works manually do you get to decide which setting are the best for you in your bathroom.

This is the best portable bathroom heater. You can easily carry it from one place to another. It comes in a completely assembled form. This makes it even easier to carry.

This bathroom heater is also among the most economical bathroom heaters. It comes with a lower price than most bathroom heaters you will find the market. Despite being economical and cheap, the quality and performance of the product are not compromised. Grab yours from Amazon 

#2 HOME_CHOICE Personal Ceramic Space Heater Electric Heater

best bathroom heater portable

This is the best electric bathroom space heater. This heater is a mountable wall heater. Wall mountable heaters are better for bathrooms. These heaters can prevent any short circuits that may occur due to a wet bathroom floor.

A mountable wall heater can also distribute heat more efficiently throughout the bathroom. This heater blows air out. The air is equally distributed in the bathroom more quickly and efficiently.

This product has a digital display for temperature control. You can set the heater settings according to your comfort. This allows you to have a warm and cozy bathroom even in the toughest winters.

It also comes with a pre-heat option. This will allow you to heat your bathroom before you use it. This will let you have a warm shower whenever you need to use it. It will always be very comfortable for you to use.

The thermostat also has a display for a timer. You can set the timer and use the heater more conveniently and safely.

The heat can be directly blown to about 1.5 meters range. This helps warm up the bathroom quickly. You can turn on the heater and go to grab your towel. By the time you come back, the shower will be warm and cozy for you to take a bath comfortably.

This heater has an ALCI plug. This plug is specially designed for safer use in the bathroom. It keeps you safe from any mishaps due to a bathroom heater. Check the latest Amazon price 

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#3 Broan 655 Heater and Heater Bath Fan with Light Combination

Broan 655 Heater and Heater Bath Fan with Light Combination

This electric heater is all the electronics you will need in your bathroom. It comes with a fan, heater and a light. All these can function independently and together. This saves you a lot of time while doing all the electricity jobs in your home. All you’ll need is this heater, and the bathroom will be useful to use.

The product operates quietly. It produces no annoying noises to make the environment of your bathroom and home more comfortable.

This product will go along the decor of your bathroom. It makes it look more attractive. It’s nothing like the heaters that will make your bathrooms look dull and boring. It enhances the beauty of your interior design. Find current price on Amazon

#4 Broan 174 Wall Heater, 750/1500 Watt 120 VAC

Broan 174 Wall Heater, 750/1500 Watt 120 VAC

This heater provides even heating throughout the bathroom. It has heavy 20-gauge steel which helps it distribute the heat evenly. This allows the bathroom to warm up quickly.

This comes with an adjustable thermostat. You can adjust the setting to your liking, and the heater will automatically maintain that temperature of the bathroom.

This heater is also easy to clean. It is very annoying when the entire bathroom s clean but the heater is dusty and greasy. You can quickly clean this heater to prevent that from happening. Grab yours from Amazon 

#7 NuTone 665RP Heat-A-Ventlite Exhaust Fan with 1300-Watt Heater

This product is excellent for small spaces. It will be ideal to use in the small bathroom where there is less space. You can mount this heater on the ceiling and get optimum performance.

This heater also features an incandescent bulb and a fan. This is all that you will need for your bathroom. The atmosphere will be relaxing and comfortable with this bathroom heater. Check the latest Amazon price 

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The Bathroom Heater Buying Considerations

Before you buy your bathroom heater, there are essential considerations you need to know all round so you can be sure of what you are buying. You need to ensure several factors are well-considered, so you get the best heater with quality services to offer. Here we have the best bathroom heater buying guide for you.

1. Bathroom Heaters Types

Remember, bathroom heaters are available in different types according to luxurious, cost, mobility, among others. Consider what you want that can fit your budget and the environment you use. You won’t lack one that perfectly suits you, and this will make you feel satisfied. Below are some which you should consider.

Portable heaters

It is that bathroom heater which can well serve you, especially in winter seasons only. If your need is to have them on seasonal occasions, then a portable heater got you. They are the best when you still stay in rental apartments, meaning you can permanently install your bathroom heater. You will plug the heater in the socket and use a radiant heater to control noise. The heater is the best since you quickly move all over with it.

Heater/Exhaust Fan

Most bathrooms tend to have high humidity meaning the steam mostly rises after accumulating. That steam can be damaging towards the ceiling and walls, so you need to have an exhaust fan installed since they draw away vapor. They offer warm air stem for bathroom heating.

Wall Heaters

It is referred to as a heater, which can be attached to the wall. You can select it if you want to attach yours onto the wall. It also has several varieties since they all offer heat in your bathroom.

Ceiling Heaters

They are known to be the best for permanent heat. Obstructing them can be impossible, and it doesn’t need specific wall space for installing, and they are installed far from sources of water heaters. They are so safe and reliable for permanent families. You can read our in-depth guide on best bathroom ceiling heaters if you want to buy one.

2. Bathroom Heating Cost

You also need to consider the cost of the heater you want to buy according to your budget. One can opt for portable or even electric wall heater as the most affordable alternative. The two are very useful if you have small bathrooms but not the best to fit in larger bathrooms.

The ceiling and infrared fans are also quite costly, but the best thing is that these two tend to be very useful when it comes to warming your bathroom. Ceiling ones are safer when using as well.

However, for radiant floor heating, you need to be prepared with good cash so you can purchase it. Apart from its costly installation, the heater also needs much expensive maintenance, and if it has breakage, you need to spend on it.

However, the heater gives you warm feeling at the feet since heat us from the floor as it rises hence keeping the entire bathroom warmer than usual. You can opt for this or the ceiling heaters in your bathroom since their prices are also quite affordable.

3. Bathroom Heater Location

You also need to consider where you want the bathroom heater to be installed inside your bathroom. Think of the available location and the best radiator that will fit there. You don’t have to purchase one; then you end up having difficulties in installing it.

Wall heaters

For wall heaters, you will find them being convenient to install and cheap in everything, including its maintenance. The radiator needs small space at the wall and not close to the door, and they can perfectly suit smaller bathrooms.

Heater/Extractor fan combo

The extractor fan heater needs to be installed where ventilation and ceiling are available. You should ensure you have a duct to clean your home so there can’t be unnecessary dust. That will help the heater to be installed well.

Ceiling heaters

Here, you need to ensure your ceiling is in good condition and can’t be affected by the heater. That way, you can confidently look for the ceiling heaters and install them in your bathroom.

Radiant Floor Heating

For anyone who doesn’t want a visible heater, then having this one will be the best. It ensures it leaves your bathroom fresh and clean ever despite being costly.

Portable Heaters

When you want to move still to places, don’t buy a permanent heater to install. You need to purchase portable heaters to help you move with them whenever relocating.

4. Bathroom Heater Power

Before purchasing the top bathroom heater for your home, look at the amount of power it can offer. Ensure it can fully sustain you and the entire needs. The heater has got different heating abilities, so consider that one fast.

Measure the dimensions of your bathroom, present to the seller, let him or her give you bathroom heaters manuals so you can personally compare to see if they are offering the services you want fast. Only purchase one when you are fully convinced.

5. Decision Making

Before you decide on your final heater, you need to make your decision, maybe after inquiring from a few people. Look at their reviews, read them, research them online, look at their benefits and limitations, among others. That will help you to be sure that you are buying the best heater that will serve you better and for longer.

After you have undergone thoroughly through the above buying guides of bathroom heaters, you will be sure to get the best one, which will serve all the purposes you need.


By going through this list, you can quickly decide which one is the best bathroom heater for them. It is the one which does efficient and quick heating and is safe to use. It must also be durable.

Using only the top quality bathroom heater portable is essential. It makes the bathroom comfortable and more relaxing for you and your family.