7 Best Elongated Toilet Seat Reviews For 2022

Elongated toilet seats are ideal for medium and large bathroom spaces. These oval-shaped toilet seats are very attractive to look at and also super comfy to use. So the demand for elongated toilets is in its pick. If you have already bought an elongated toilet bowl, then you must consider buying the best elongated toilet seat for your bathroom.

Most of us think that its just a toilet seat, so it’s not tough to buy one but the actual scenario is quite different. You must know certain buying factors before you get your next egg-shaped elongated toilet seat.

In this article, we are going to share our list of top elongated toilet seats for 2022 with the buying guide. Please carefully go through all the toilet seat reviews and also read all the buying factors before choosing your toilet seat.

Best Elongated Toilet Seats

1. Brondell L60-EB LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat

Brondell L60-EB LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat

Like most of the people installing anything daunts me. If you are a person like me then Brondell can be a great choice for you. Installing it takes only 10 to minutes and that too will spend on cleaning the toilet.

A smooth warm toilet seat that feels like a warm hug is all we want. The Brondell nightlight will not disappoint you in that. As this Brondell seat has all convenient features to me it is one of the best elongated toilet seats. Grab yours from Amazon


Adjustable heat:

You can adjust the heat with three different settings. The warm toilet seat will not give you a shock when you seat on it. It also has a nightlight so that you do not need to use a bright light. Bright light tends to disturb sleep.

Fits standard size toilet fixture:

All additional fixtures of standard size go with the toilet. You do not have to worry about fitting the toilet seat.

Gently closes:

No one wants to get scared with slammed toilet closing. The seat and lid close gently without waking up the whole house.


Only if you sit on it, you will understand what it feels like. It’s warm, smooth and comfortable.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 3 inches
  • Material: plastic
  • Temperature: 97-104 degree
  • center to center length- 5.5 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity: 320 pounds

2. KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated Toilet Seat

KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Best Elongated Toilet Seat

If you are looking for a toilet seat for your elongated toilet it’s the right product. We do not seek too much from a toilet seat. Whatever you want in the best elongated toilet seat is in this seat. This seat will fit anyone or two-piece toilet. You may receive the seat and feel disappointed saying it looks big. If your toilet is standard then just try and see it will work. You do not need to buy any hardware to fit the toilet seat either. Check the latest Amazon price 



Quick release helps to easily open the lid for cleaning purpose. As it’s easy to install back you can do this often and maintain a squeaky clean toilet.


The toilet seat and lid are made with solid polypropylene. This prevents any stain and scratch from being in it. That means you can maintain a new looking toilet for a long time.

Quiet closing lid:

It closes slowly after you are done using it. As it’s slow, it does not slam the toilet and prevents scaring you. Also, sudden slam can do slight damage to the toilet or lid. This does not happen with it.


  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 18.06 x 14.19 x 1.12 in
  • color-matched plastic hinges

3. Bath Royale BR606-00 Premium Best Elongated Toilet Seat

Sleek, smart and comfortable are the words to describe Bath Royale toilet sea cover. The well-made and top quality will convince you to say that this one is the best toilet seat you ever owned. The mounting hardware is also of great quality. It is great but underrated among the best-elongated toilet seats. Find current price on Amazon


Fits almost all elongated bowl:

It fits all standard elongated bowl. If you are not sure about the size of your toilet measure before you order. Also, it does not work with bidets and risers.

Slow closing seat:

Like other good toilet seats it’s not going to slam. If you feel annoyed that the lid is too slow then push it to close. No problem, this lid does not get affected by forced closing.

Easy to remove the lid:

Just push one button to remove the lid. The lid will instantly come off. Then clean properly, this area is nasty so do not leave it unclean.

Chemical and scratch resistant:

This is crucial. You will feel devastated if your new toilet lid somehow gets stained. So as a precaution buy something that does not get affected by chemical or scratch.


  • Material: pure polypropylene
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds, 4 non-slip bumpers distribute weight evenly
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 14 x 2 inches

4. BEMIS 1500EC 000: Best Easy To Clean Elongated Toilet Seat 

BEMIS 1500EC 000

Sometimes style is important for some of us. BEMIS provides a stylish toilet seat that will make your bathroom look better. But it’s not just about the style. It also provides quality and innovation to make your experience better. Check the latest Amazon price


The hardware:

The BEMIS 1500EC 000 toilet seat comes with non-corrosive bolts and nuts. Every detail things of the seat are of good quality. There is no compromise on materials even if it’s small.

Chipping and scratching proof:

Having kids at home means there can be mishaps everywhere. Seeing scratches on the toilet seat does not look good. It breaks heart more when you bought it for style. As it’s going to the same even if there is an accident you can relax.


It is made of durable enameled wood. But it is coated to make it scratch-proof and durable. Woods are known to be less durable, in this case, you get the goodness of wood and plastic together. It’s heavier and better than plastic toilet seats. Grab yours from Amazon 


  • Dimensions: 14.1 x 2 x 18.9 inches
  • Hardware: non-corrosive bolt and wing nuts
  • Ring Bumper: two colors matched the bumper
  • material: durable enameled wood

5. Delta Faucet Morgan 801903-WH Best Slow Close Elongated Toilet Seat

Delta Faucet Morgan 801903-WH

Spending on a good toilet must have done damage to your bank account. Now, Its may be hard to invest expensive toilet seat now. But quality should not be overlooked either. In this case, Delta Faucet can come to your rescue. It’s not expensive and the quality will not disappoint you. Check the latest Amazon price


Slow closing lid:

When you see a toilet seat does not have a slow closing feature, don’t even buy it. You do not want to hear slamming in the middle of the night when your partner went to the toilet. It also protects from slow damages to the seat.

Non-slip bumper:

Non-slip bumper is for preventing shifting. It is annoying to the seat on those that shift here and there.


The construction is so solid that you get to know it by the weight of it. This gives it better durability for years. It’s also durable as it’s resistant to peeling, fading, staining, or chipping. Because these things are enough to throw away an old seat.


  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 14 x 2 inches
  • style: slow close
  • Material: plastic

6. WSSROGY Best Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover

WSSROGY Best Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover

In a family full of kids, you may keep hearing the toilet lid slamming all the time. It’s not a good experience when already you have to put up with a lot more. We cannot help you stop other noises, but WSSROGGY got this toilet seat. All the other qualities are also great to convince you to be among the best elongated toilet seats. Let’s check out. Find current price on Amazon



The high-quality polypropylene is not harming the environment like others. Woods is not good for keeping up with hygiene. So you are doing the least with polypropylene for the environment. Also, it’s durable too. Can it be better than that?

Comes with perfect accessories:

So far, this toilet seat comes with better accessories than others. For bottom mount, they provide plastic screw and for the top mount, there are metal screws. To protect the hinge, you will get a rubber pad.

Slow-close: slamming noises will not scare you ever again.


  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 14.2 x 2.4 inches
  • Thickness: 2.4 inches
  • Center to center length: 5.5 inches

7. Bath Royale BR620-00 Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover

Bath Royale BR620-00 Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover

Since Bath Royale is so good, we kept another of the toilet seats on the list. But this time it’s the rounded toilet seat. Has round toilet always been your comfort giver? And a premium round seat is all you ask? Well, it’s the end of your search. Let’s know more about the seat, what to expect from the seat. Find current price on Amazon


Easy cleaning:

1 button click and it will come off easily. Then clean the seat properly. The mounting area gets dirty with urine and all. Clean it easily and smell how fresh your bathroom is.

Strong and comfortable at the same time:

The seat is made with polypropylene. So it’s strong. But that does not mean it’s not comfortable. It’s better than wooden and other types of toilet seats.

Better sanitary:

Vvinyl cover foam padded soft seats or wooden seats are not as great at hygiene as the Bath Royale one. As it’s made of high-quality plastic, it’s easier to clean.


The Bath Royale BR620-00 seat is scratch-resistant, non-absorbent, chemical, and stain-resistant. The high-gloss finish will keep the seat to look the same for years.


  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 14 x 2 inches
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • 4 non-slip bumper

Elongated Toilet Seat Buying Guide

Buying a toilet seat is not going to be a big deal if you are careful. You already have a toilet to measure and buy the seat according to it. There are plenty of options available to you. Big companies are making the best quality toilet seats. Set your standards and start looking for it. Here are a few suggestions:

Types of toilet seats:

There are two types of toilet seats just like types of toilets. Those are elongated and round toilet seats. You must be familiar with this. If your toilet is elongated then you have to look for the best elongated toilet seat for best fit. And the same goes for the round toilets also. Elongated toilet seats are two inches longer in the front and a little curved. The curve matches the natural curve of our body and makes toilet experience better. The elongated seat is comfortable for people with physical challenges or elders at the house.

The round toilet seat is less expensive than the elongated one. If you already decided to get the elongated toilet then it’s not going to work with it. But round one is more conventional and people love it. It also costs less than the elongated one.

Ask Yourself Before Buying An Elongated Toilet Seat:

Does it wiggle?

A secure fit is very important for a good elongated toilet seat. The more durable it is the less wiggly it will be. The bumpers help with a strong fit and make the seat more comfortable.

What is the material?

The material makes any product better. If the material is not good you cannot be sure that the product can be good. There are wooden, plastic and foamed toilet seats available. Each has its differences. Wooden seats will not lose temperature as the plastic one does. But it’s hard to maintain good hygiene with the wooden and foamed seat. But with the plastic seat, you have a heating option.

What about the noise?

Slamming noise in the bathroom at 2 am scare us to death. We often do not keep the noise in mind while buying an elongated toilet seat. But we all get annoyed at the sound of it. so next time you buy a new toilet seat make sure it has the soft closing feature or any kind of padding to it. The slow closing feature is better in my opinion as you do not have to touch it. So buying the best-elongated toilet seat closes slowly will be the right option.

Elongated Toilet Seat Faq

Is it easy to install?

Most of the toilet seats are easy to install. It will barely take twenty minutes if you are used to doing such things. Just join a few bolts and elbow grease. But the more features the seat comes with the harder it is to install. To learn about the installation process before you make a purchase.

Is it easy to clean?

Probably cleaning the toilet is the most hated chore around the house. It is necessary but you do not want to deal with it. But you cannot run away from the cleaning toilet. That is why you have to buy material that is easy to clean. Here are two factors to consider for easier cleaning:

  • Plastic toilet seats:

I know wooden things look fancy but it cuts down cleaning products. You cannot use just any kind of cleaning product on the wooden seat. That will damage the seat. Plastic toilet seats are easy going with all types of cleaners. Those are scratch and stain-proof. So you can clean as much as you want.

  • Quick-release:

pop release toilet seat is very easy to clean. Just release it from the toilet and you can clean every nook and corner. As it’s not hard to put back you can keep it squeaky clean all the time.

When all these convenient things mixed then it becomes great. Here is our pick on the best elongated toilet seat. We talk about some of our favorites. There is a round toilet seat suggestion as well. Let’s begin,


Why are toilets elongated?

Elongated toilets give more comfort to adults than other types. Especially men get a little extra space where they need it. It prevents splashbacks for some people. Though it’s not the same for everyone. Before you buy experience, both elongated and round and see what works better for you.

Do all elongated toilet seats fit? (Universal or not)

All the best elongated toilet seat will fit the toilet bowls if they are standard. Even if they are a standard measure your toilet before buying. Do not take the risk of ending up with something that does not fit.

Who makes the most comfortable toilet seat?

Many manufacturers make a comfortable seat. We know KOHLER for ages for their best quality bathroom essentials. Bath Royale, Brondell makes some amazing toilet seats. They make the best-elongated toilet seat. Even round seats from them are quite good.

Are wood toilet seats better than plastic?

Both plastic and wood have some pros and cons. wooden seats will stay warm in all kinds of weather. But the plastic seats are cold. Plastic seats made with thermoplastic are scratch-resistant. But it’s a little expensive. Wooden seats are not good with cleaning and scratches. If you want to maintain good hygiene, go for plastic seats.

Which is a better round or elongated toilet?

Most people find the utmost comfort in elongated toilets. People with mobility issues, men and children all love an elongated toilet.  If your bathroom does not have much space for this, you can go for round one. Also, elongated ones are expensive; if you are in a tight budget, let it go.

Can an elongated toilet seat replace a round toilet seat?

The bad news is that an elongated toilet seat cannot replace the round toilet seat. The toilet will not fit your space. It will make the area congested or even weird to see. There are one-piece toilets that save space, and these are elongated.  If you are interested in an elongated toilet with a small space, try a one-piece toilet.

Do ADA toilet seats have to be elongated seat?

ADA toilet seat should follow the rules for height and other things. But it’s not a must for the toilets to be elongated. Elongated toilet seats are great for people with physical challenges. So getting an elongated toilet will help them. Best elongated toilet seats are ADA approved.

How much longer is an elongated toilet?

Elongated toilets are mostly two inches longer than the round toilets. Most round toilets are 16 inches long and the elongated ones are 18 inches.

How To Choose Correct Size Toilet Seat?


We use our toilet several times a day. The time is not long, but we deserve comfort. Buy the best elongated toilet seat that ensure your comfort and of good quality. It’s an investment of a long time. Don’t make a hasty decision and regret later.

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