How To Clean Alcove Bathtub? Quick Home Remedies

One of life’s pleasures is a long, gentle bath in the alcove tub. You should believe that cleaning the alcove tub entails sprinkling or spraying it with detergent and removing it with a sponge or rag.

Although this is a popular form of tub cleaning, to maintain a tub looking its finest, you must first consider the substance used to create it and the best cleaning method for that material.

So, How To Clean Alcove Bathtub?

Maintenance regularly

Can do you assume is the best? To clean an overflowing alcove bathtub or to do a quick washing for every shower? Of definition, the easy way out. After showering, spray the tub with clear, warm water and rub away any extra moisture with a sponge.

how to clean alcove bathtub

Enhanced cleaning

Consider the substance in your bathtub for more customized cleaning.

• Unless its porcelain, bear in mind the abrasive powders will scratch it. As a consequence, spray the non-abrasive powder onto a wet sponge and add it to the whole bathtub. Wash it thoroughly with water. To stop clogging, remember to detach hair from drain traps.

• If the alcove bathtub is constructed of fiberglass, use a commercial fiberglass cleaner or a non-abrasive liquid detergent to disinfect it. The procedure is the same as before.

Cleaning as a final resort

If there is litter adhering to the surface of the bathtub or the water is yellowish, this form of cleaning is needed so it must be white.

There are at least seven key ingredients you can use to clean your alcove bathtub (including a traditional drink):

Bicarbonate with sodium:

Again, the great baking soda arrives at our rescue. Apply a paste containing 2 parts baking soda and 1 part hydrogen peroxide to extract soil and grease (you can buy it in pharmacies). Enable the paste to rest for 30 minutes. Rub vigorously and thoroughly.


coca cola for cleaning bathtub

Yeah, I do use Coca-Cola as a shower cleaner. This is excellent for removing water stains. Wipe the region clean by applying adhesive directly to it. When you pour them over the tubes, you will even extract clogged hair and soil.

Cream of Tartar:

In a thin, shallow cup or pan, combine the hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar. Remember, you’re creating a paste, so drizzle the hydrogen peroxide over the cream slowly. Enable to dry everywhere in the bathtub. Rinse after scraping the paste with a towel.

Cleaner for the oven:

This can only be used with extreme stains and white alcove bathtubs. Spray oven cleaner on the stain and allow it to rest for two hours. Rinse thoroughly.

Sea salt:

This is a yellow stain removal solution. Equal parts saline solution and turpentine can be mixed. Remember and put on your latex gloves. Rinse after adding the mixture to the paint.


shampoo for cleaning bathtub

Yes, the thing nearest to your bathtub for washing. This is particularly useful for soap suds; simply dab on the suds and rub with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly!

The vinegar:

Baking soda’s closest friend. This is the most efficient way to light up your ceramic alcove bathtub. Scrub the shower with it and clean with cold water after using it with vinegar on a rag.

Where there are stubborn streaks, run three bowls of white vinegar under hot water. Fill the basin with water and position it over the stains to drain. Four hours should suffice. Remove the strainer from the bath and rub the stains.

Final thoughts

The persistent dripping of water from the tub is the source of blue and green stains in your bathtub. Next, replace the faucet washer, and then use a cleaner made especially for porcelain alcove bathtubs.

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