Differences Between A Soaking Tub And Regular Tub

If you want to be the king of relaxation, then consider installing a soaking tub in your home. Unlike regular baths or showers, a soaking tub is deep and spacious enough to accommodate the average person’s entire body length.

The benefits of taking a hot bath are numerous. Just think about it: A long soak in warm water can help relieve joint inflammation, improve circulation and unclog skin pores. It also helps us feel more relaxed, which is great for battling stress and getting some restful sleep at night.

However, if you pick the wrong type of tub for your bathing needs, all those beneficial effects can be lost on you. To find the best alcove soaking tub for your needs, you’ll need to compare all the different types of bathing facilities before you make a choice.

What Are The Differences Between A Soaking Tub And Regular Tub?

soaking tub vs regular tub

The differences between those two types of baths are many. For one, soaking tubs have more spout locations than standard showers or baths.

That means they can be placed higher off the ground, which means it is easier for people who are physically challenged to use them.

Choose a bathtub with a typical six legs so that it is stable and can sit on any type of floor surface. You might want to consider installing a handrail system and grab bars on both sides if this isn’t already present in your bathroom.

Next, take a look at the faucet locations. Most soaking tubs on the market feature an overhead showerhead to rinse the hair, as well as a rainfall showerhead to massage body during bathing. A hand shower or wall-mounted showerhead is another great way to rinse your skin with direct water pressure while you soak.

A soaking tub can be any length, but most have lengthier designs than regular baths or showers. The deep-soaking design means a person might have to bend over (or use steps) to enter and exit the tub, so you might want to consider this before deciding on one that fits best with your bathroom design.

The sitting position in a soaking tub is also different than that of a standard bath or shower. You might want to look for a soaking tub with a seat that adjusts up or down, plus an upper ledge to keep the lower part of your body slightly elevated during bathing.

Whether you’re planning to install your bathing facility yourself, have it professionally installed or are looking for an upgrade from an existing bathtub or shower, there is a soaking tub for almost any budget and home design.

Depending on your choices, soaking tubs can also be made from different materials, including stone and concrete. These types of soaking tubs are not only great as a bathing facility but also highly attractive in any bathroom.

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your current bathtub or shower, make sure you compare all the other types of popular bathing facilities before making a final decision. Whichever type of bath you choose, make sure it has all the options that will help you relax, feel refreshed and get some quality rest with ease at night.

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