What is a Pocket Pet?

You’ve decided you want a pet, but you’re way too busy for a typical one like a dog or cat. Then try a pocket pet!

What is a pocket pet?

A pocket pet is basically how it sounds a small pet that could fit in your shirt pocket. Well, some can, but most are just small and require very little attention compared to a dog or a cat.

Pocket pets are generally rodents such as rats, mice, gerbils, and hamsters. Guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, and sugar gliders also considered as pocket pet. Reptiles and rabbits are also considered pocket pets.

Pocket Pet

As you can see there are a few pocket pets to choose from. A pocket pet that is not as common to have is the hedgehog. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, shy pets who don’t enjoy human interaction and prefer to hide and burrow.

When considering a hedgehog remember that they have sharp spines on their body that make handling safely not so easy.

Which pocket pet would be best for you?

Like with any pet you must do your homework before deciding on bringing a pocket pet home. You must research what kind of housing your pocket pet will need, this includes any furnishings or beddings.

You need to know what kind of food your pocket pet will eat plants, fruits, insects, or all three. You need to know whether your pocket pet is more accustomed today or is a nocturnal pet.

Most rodents are nocturnal meaning they’re not very active during the day. If you have small children in the home this wouldn’t be fun for them but could be ideal for someone who works during the day.

Although your pocket pet may be in the cage it still needs some sort of activity or exercise like a dog or cat. Dogs need to go on walks and you typically get a cat a scratch post or some cat toy to keep it busy, pocket pets are no different.

Still choosing the best one comes down to you. Do you want something small, cute, furry, but requires only a little attention then a hamster, chinchilla, or mouse might be great for you.

If you would like the one that is cute, but is a little more active during the day than you should consider a guinea pig or rat.

Yet, be mindful these pocket pets tend to need socialization or could go into depression. If you have a career that keeps you on the go or not a lot of time to spend with them than they may not be the right pocket pet for you.

Ferrets, guinea pigs, and chinchillas are some of the friendliest pets you can own. Chinchillas and ferrets can even be trained to do small tricks once you get to know each other. Rats are pretty friendly and clean pets to have. They very rarely bite and so make good pets for small children, if you have them.

Although rabbits at times can be temperamental and hard to care for the Mini Lop rabbits are one of the smallest breeds of rabbits. They are very friendly breeds and can be also litter trained, so they can be an ideal pocket pet for someone.

rabbit kid

So how do you use a pocket pet? It’s a pet like any other pet, so it’s a companion. Make sure to take it out and hold it, play with it, love on it. show your pocket pet that you care and it will show affection back. This especially true for chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, and rats.

Know that each living creature still needs to be cared for. Do your research before picking a pocket pet. Ensure you take into account your lifestyle and what you can handle. Be mindful that your pocket pet will still need regular medical checkups to ensure they are healthy. This is something to consider because not all veterinarians take care of pocket pets, so it may require traveling or a different cost. This just requires you to do thorough research.

Overall, pocket pets are great pets to have and can be convenient companions for you. Now the only step left to do is to decide is a pocket pet for you.

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