Major Signs Your Cat Is Dying

Saying goodbye to your beloved, furry four-legged friends isn’t easy on anyone and there really doesn’t exist a particular way to prepare yourself for this. However, a cat will actually behave differently than usual to let you know that they’re completely spent. So, there are various signs you can keep in the back in your mind that your cat might be dying.

6 Major Signs Your Cat Is Dying


First and foremost, a dying cat will start looking for isolated places to prepare themselves for death. That is, at such a moment, a cat will feel remarkably vulnerable and will want nothing more than to isolate themselves from the rest of the world to enjoy as much peace and quiet as possible in their last moments.

your cat is dying

Also, cats who live in the wild isolate themselves when they’re dying because they’re aware of the fact that their weaker state makes them an easier prey to possible predators. Even though home cats don’t have to deal with this to the same extent, isolation remains an instinct for them that’s inherent to their nature.

Changing Eating Habits

Just as is the case with humans when they’re sick, dying cats will more often than not struggle with a loss of appetite. Therefore, if you notice that your cat doesn’t show any enthusiasm at all when it comes to eating, this can be a sign that you need to prepare yourself for the worst. This is especially the case when they aren’t even interested in their favorite type of food or snack anymore.

Besides eating less, you’ll notice that your cat will drink less water as well. That’s why you need to pay close attention to your cat’s eat-and-drink bowls. If you notice that they remain full more and more, you might have to start worrying.

Lower Body Temperature

Furthermore, if you suspect that your cat is dying, it might be a good idea to use a thermometer to measure your cat’s body temperature. Namely, it’s the case that a dying cat will have a significantly lower body temperature than would be the case with a healthy cat. As the heart of your cat gets weaker, their body will respond by lowering their body temperature, which is an extremely bad sign.

Bad Body Odor

When your cat is dying, most of the time, their organs will start shutting down one by one. Consequently, your cat’s body will respond by producing certain toxins that will start piling up inside your cat’s body. In turn, these toxins will cause some remarkably negative changes when it comes to your cat’s breath and general body odor.

ill cat is dying

Physical Changes

Moreover, when a cat is dying, you will definitely notice this clearly on a more physical level as well. That is to say, you’ll find that your cat will start to appear sicker and less strong, which can manifest itself in many different ways.

Namely, it could be the case that your cat’s fur will seem duller than would otherwise be the case. However, it could just as easily be so that your cat will appear thinner due to abnormal loss of weight. Finally, your cat will also simply start appearing weaker and more washed-out on a more frequent basis.

No Energy for Personal Hygiene

Lastly, it is peculiar to cats as a species that they lick themselves clean and wash themselves multiple times per day in an attempt to keep their personal hygiene up to the mark. Hence, if you notice that your cat stops putting in an effort in this department and starts looking less well-groomed, this can be a sign that things are definitely not going well with your cat. As your cat gets closer to death, they will be less and less able to use their remaining energy to invest in their personal hygiene.


All in all, the loss of a cat, or any other pet for the matter, remains a huge loss for every cat lover. Yet, if you keep the above-mentioned pertinent signs in the back of your mind, you’ll hopefully be a little more prepared to the extent possible. When you notice these signs when it comes to your cat, it would be wise to use this as an opportunity to give your cat the extra care and attention they deserve to make their last moments on this earth as comfortable as possible!

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